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Elsa feiert bei uns ihren Geburtstag mit einem 4-Gang Menü. Was für eine Party, was für eine lebensfrohe Frau! Danke, wir sind stolz dass du uns gewählt hast.

Renato Tosio und Ehefrau Nicole besuchen uns mit Freunden aus Graubünden im This and This.

We had a great year end meal in This and This and welcomed the new year 2024 among friends with a glass of Prosecco accompanied with great life music. 

We will open on Tuesday 12., 19., 26. December and 2. January 2024 from 4pm until midnight in addition to our normal opening times.

Our events in 2023 were a great success. We had full house on October 31 for our Halloween special event, November 2 with 12 different Risotto dishes, and November 19 and 20 where we offered our unique and delicious Mistchratzerli (spring chicken) special dishes. Thank you to all for having made this a success for This and This Restaurant & Bar.


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